How to put two rehearsal marks side by side?

I am copying a part for our brass band and want to keep the rehearsal marks the same as the original. I can’t for the life of me work out how to do this. Any help appeciated. Thanks

Dorico doesn’t provide a way to do this, I’m afraid. You’ll need to fake it up somehow. Perhaps put the second rehearsal mark on the following barline and then adjust its graphical position in Engrave mode?

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I’m pretty sure only 1 rehearsal mark can occupy a given location so there are a few ways I’ve faked this before.

  1. Simply edit the suffix in Properties.

  2. Offset the 2nd mark by a sixteenth or so, enter it, move into position. This will break multibar rests in any parts that are resting however, so may not be a possible option.

  3. Enter the 2nd mark as System Text. Configure a Paragraph Style that will match the enclosure of a real Rehearsal Mark.


Thank you for the replies - I like solution #1 @FredGUnn

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