How to quickly launch a cycle marker?

This program needs a quick way of launching a cycle marker, don’t you think? A double-click in the > column of the Marker Panel/Inspector should do it. Current facilities are fine for point markers but when you can’t get at the project window easily skipping from cycle to cycle is a pain.

What would be even better is if you could select a range of markers and cycle those from the panel.

Whaddy’all reckon?


There are so many ways to set the locators as it is. You can select a part and hit p, hold a modifier and click the locator buttons on the transport, use the key commands (CTRL and Pad 1 or 2), etc. There may even be a nav KC to go to next/ prev, haven’t checked.

I know, but what I want is a single/double-click that set the loop, goes to the start and plays.

As long as the Marker Track is selected, you can use the left and right nav arrows combined with p to go from marker to marker and have the Locators follow. More options in KC-Transport and Nav.

A macro can be set up for what you just posted, above.

But it’s unlikely to be selected when one is in the middle of working on a mix. Maybe a macro can indeed be devised…

Recall Cycle Markers do what you want, but you have to re-assign the default KC’s, they doen’t seem to work here until you do so.

Recall Cycle Markers? Cheers for the tip. I’ll have a look at that tomorrow when my neck’s not on fire anymore. It must be bedtime. Good night.


Is choosing the marker # from the transport panel not easy enough for cycles? However, I agree that without revised Key commands, it’s rather difficult to launch them. For me, it’s easiest to go to the project window and resize them myself or do it in the marker page.


All that does is position the cursor but I want to set the loop at the same time.

The nearest I’ve got so far is to keep the mixer On Top and placed so I can see the Marker Track (in the top half of a split screen) and get at the Locate and Cycle drop-downs but it’s not exactly slick, having to select the same thing from two identical lists.

Macros next on the list.