How to raise gain on a portion of a track?

Hi, I’m trying to increase the volume of part of a vocal track in Cubasis. I singled out the event and attempted to use the automation feature, but only the “draw” feature seemed to do anything, and wouldn’t let me go above 0db. Not to mention the draw automation feature wouldn’t let me drag the points up or down after following my finger. So then I tried to increase the gain of the event, because I don’t want the whole track effected, but every insert I applied effected the whole track, not the part within the track. I can’t move the part to it’s own track, where I could adjust the volume freely because I don’t have enough CPU. Any advice??? Thanks…

Hi 334578,

Please have a look at the following tutorial regarding Automation in Cubasis:

Hope that helps,

When a selection of a track is highlighted there is the three edit options in corners and center. Fade in, fade out and overall volume. That volume point is set to only edit down. Outside of using the automation, can that center edit point be set around the mid range of the track so that an increase in volume is possible on the selection without having to open the editor? We can decrease volume but not increase.