how to raise the midi volume of a SMF track and save

Hello, I’m a noobie to Cubase.

I have downloaded a SMF GM midi file into Cubase 10.5.5

But the track they used for the melody is much too Low in Volume compared to the rest of the song.

The velocity data seems reasonably high.

Do I need to Insert a single CC7 value in the List Editor ? I don’t see a CC7 event listed there now.

What are the exact steps to do this ?

I’ve been reading and reading but have not found out how to do this. Or do I need to do another proceedure ?

I’m trying to adjust a lot of SMF files to play back thru the Casio Chordana app connected to a Casio LK-S250 keyboard that I giving a friend for Christmas.

Thanks . . . Dave

Which versions of cubase have you had since you joined this registered user forum on the 22 Nov 2012?

I think its great that this the first real problem you have come across in those 7 + years.

I do help somebody will help you for free in order to match the cost of the SMF downloaded file.

Good Luck Dave

Well I think I bought v6.5 then but never got around to using it much.
But now I have a need to use it and only v10.5.5 will work on Mac OS Catalina !
Hope someone can guide me in the right direction.