How to randomize Fx Plugins

I am looking for a way to randomize my fx plugins.

In Ableton this is possible with the device randomizer so I was wondering how can this be done in Cubase.

For instance randomize the feedback (within a certain area) of a delay plugin or any other parameter on any fx plugin.
Is there a way to do this in Cubase?

you can use the midi plugin “autolfo” but it’s not very user friendly because you have to know the midi cc of the controller you wanna randomize (so any vst that doesnt support midi automation wont work).

and you cant automate more than 4 controllers as there are only 4 slots in the midi plugins insert.

Yeah, no such thing in Cubase. I think it is possible as some built in exclusive DAW feature, but it is not a VSTi standart.
You can draw some random curves in automation lines fields.

For example to replace FL Studio’s patcher, I draw different lines for different parameters for envelopes of an VSTi, than render selection and put it into sampler.

Or you can search VSTi that has built in randomization, Massive has it or Atlantis.
Randomness for delay/reverb feedback, I doubt it has some artistic value though. If feedback in delay goes under 0 and than back to 100 you will hear nothing, the delay’s buffer is empty now because feedback was near 0.

Thanks for the answer does not sound very user friendly butI will try the auto lfo.

I really need it for effects because I want to cange for instance the feedback between 40 and 70% of the feedback so no drastic results just to make things a little bit less static and add some more variaton

Draw automation, no other options. Plus this way of randomization doesn’t give you steady result. Sometimes it can have good results, sometimes not. Every audio mixdown gonna be different.

Draw automation is possible but with randomize options (plugins) you can easier look for happy accidents and take these things out and use that instead of drawing automation.

If 3rd party plugins is OK for you, then Cableguys Midishaper (24€) is an “autolfo” but better…
you can use common shapes (sine, square, ramps…), and random shapes.

Thanks I will checkout the Cableguys midishaper

You could use a modular vst