How to randomize pitchbend?

Hello guys,

I am currently working on some Japanese music and I would like to randomize just a bit pitchbend to give my koto the older and more natural sound. Can anyone give me an advice about this problem? Thanks so much.

Hi Brucky,

You could try Midi Modifiers/Random Pitch but remember to cut and paste just the section you want to work on to a different track!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah

Try this:

  1. Instrument track created – Koto
  2. Record, Edit Part
  3. Open Key Editor and draw Pitch Bend Data along the track
  4. Run the Logical Editor (screen shot) (Transform)

Hit “apply” repeatedly to get different random versions.

In the example, I just drew in some quick data with the pencil, but you may get better results using the line tool and various line shapes. It’s a cool sound. Kind of old warped record-like sound, stretched out tape, etc… “old.” Not sure if this what you’re looking for. I thought it was an interesting detuned sound.

MIDI Monitor reports Pitchbend is a VST 3 Event. I couldn’t get VST 3 Event to work in the Logical Editor. I’ll have to look at that more. However, this transform generates a range of random values for bender data along an existing track or part.

Good luck. Let me know if this worked.