how to re-connect to usb midi while cubase in running?

yep - I agree, this is annoying…

a simple button - rescan midi devices would help the situation.


EASY solution. Don’t disconnect. And turn off the Windows sounds because when they sound they can throw out the sample rate.
When any hardware is removed then the driver needs reactivating from the ground up and for Cubase to recover that it needs also to recover any system settings made by the user and so it may well be easier to restart Cubase than to go WTF!? when something you need does not happen as expected.

If other programs don’t do this then make a feature request naming said program.
Why do you do this? To connect a usb mic etc?

A “rescan” button might not help as it could well be a driver / Windows issue as well. One could just as easily say it’s Windows needs the rescan button example: “Rescan and reconnect to last known VST host” button.
But no-one from here uses any other forums except me seemingly. :mrgreen: If more did they’d be better informed than “It’s a Cubase problem.”.

I know the most obvious advice is don’t disconect - but sometimes, when you have a project on for a while, usb things just do. It may be because of the computer going to sleep, but most of the time it just happens on it’s own IME.

I would have thought it was a driver issue, but it happens to both my K88 and my new little AKAI mpk (for holiday use) - a button to re-poll the usb state of windows would help the situation, as all devices could be recconected with it…

it would have saved me time on numerous occasions just to hin a button to check for usb devices.

I’m only taking in context of USB midi devices - keyboards and such.

And I don’t care if it’s a logic/protools/reaper problem, because I use cubase and that’s what I’d like it in.

Access can do it within Cubase - their software (Virus Control) can re-find your Virus when you power cycle it - but even though it does Cubase no longer works with it’s midi ports…

which leads me further to believe this isn’t a windows issue.

It may be worthwhile checking you don’t have USB selective suspend turned on!

That’s unfortunately most famous and one of the most annoying features of Cubase ever since, and it obviously isn’t true that it’s impossible to fix because of some Win 7 or Mac issue… Take a look at the Native Instruments standalone products, I can disconnect and reconnect whatever i like without restarting.
I’d never take a risk to take Cubase on stage to play live, because of that endless restarting issue whenever I touch an usb cable, or put the laptop into a sleep mode…

I Think Cubase is already a dead product since Yamaha mega-corporation took it over, and they doesn’t give a damn about anyone anymore. It’s a GREAT program but it stuck somewhere in the past along with Charlie Steinberg’s creativity since he gave it up.
New ‘improvements’ and ‘features’ makes me sure that people involved in Cubase’s development today have no idea what Cubase is and what it was back in the days. Don’t expect anything from them, they’re just trying to squeeze some more money before they’ll officially tell us to GET LOST, i reckon… i’d love to be wrong :confused:

And you are…? Got to be at least a professor of computing as you seem to now all about how USB midi and Cubase works.
And yet you do not know the obvious. What the solution is. :laughing: Which you would do if you know so much.

Best bet is to read the USB device’s manual and see their trouble shooter first which is how I stabilise mine.

I really doubt your last statement. Anyway I don’t know what you’re on about, 6.5 is the best Cubase version I have ever used. And yes, it’s not perfect, but from what I’ve seen, it’s closer to perfect than other DAWs.

C’mon man, everyone knows that you can’t disconnect or reconnect midi in Cubase without application restart, which totally sucks and makes Cubase reatarded comparing to others. also it’s toally unreliable program for performers because of that. There’s no second bottom and nothing personal mr Conman…

Arjan P, I use Cubase since Atari and back in the days that was most innovative platform you could imagine, now it’s just trying to survive on the market with nothing original and inspiring to offer anymore, that’s why my pessimistic reflection

Dudes, it might be my lack of knowledge, but I think this is a WINDOWS limitation. Cubase on Mac reconnects USB devices, including the audio interface, normally while it’s running…

Don’t get me wrong, I love windows but I’ve never seen other software loading a USB device while it’s running in windows… and that’s normal on Mac OS for all softwares including Cubase…

it’s definitely Cubase limitation… i can disconnect and replace Midi controllers under Battery or Kontakt without any problem or restart under Windows… so can you do that on Mac ? i mean unplug and plug back USB Midi controller successfully whilst Cubase still running without restarting? can you try now and confirm ?
Because It’s about Midi only, with audio USB interfaces everything seems fine

So if it’s a CUBASE only problem why does my Roland OctaCapture (audio AND midi) specifically address the very problem in it’s trouble-shooting in the manual?
I mean SIX posts and you are already an expert on why Cubase sucks?!!
Yes. I’m definitely cynical about that. :mrgreen:
Battery and Kontakt are SAMPLERS and not sequencers. Cubase does a lot more than either.

Samplers, Sequencers, doesn’t matter, these are also the audio applications hosted by Windows at the same conditions, and they can do what Cubase doesn’t, because NI developers cares more, i think.
Criticism is a most constructive way to cast the light on the issue. I didn’t write a word that Cubase sucks itself, please don’t twist my words. I use it everyday for hours, and it’s really painful if i have to restart it in the middle of work all the time.
Anyway you’d be more constructive if you’d write what did you exactly do to sort out this problem with Roland. It might be helpful.

I followed the instructions in the Roland manual re: trouble shooting.
Samplers, sequencers, does matter. It’s definitely NOT just a Cubase problem.
Be more constructive if actual FACTS were used in some peoples’ posts.

Reading manuals means that one can get on with working rather than knocking the wrong culprit unecessarily.
You may also need to turn your USB device on after Windows boots with some COMPUTERS.
You see, Cubase cannot know what has been going on with the interface when a connection is lost.
Neither can Kontakt. They may connect but chances are that a lot of the time a reconnect may result in audio / midi system instability. Set up simply in plus outs it may work but Cubase has a lot more going on on the buses and with the FX routings. There’s a lot to go wrong and so a reset would be needed and I’d also expect that with a straight midi interface disconnection too.
It’s not exactly like unplugging a guitar from an amp as suggested. And even then you would have to turn the amp off or down to replug and isn’t that a pain? :mrgreen:

Thanks but it’s a bit on a different subject. Cubase have sorted while ago the ‘missing audio driver issue’ by reselecting it in audio driver menu if active. So simply I expect the same about Midi, refreshing button or automatic clock. There’s no excuse for them about that.
You might be surprised, but I do read the manuals, all the time, it’s obviously a way more reliable source than dis-informative internet forums these days…
How did you assume that i’ve got no idea about how the USB drivers works.
For Windows it’s just a matter of seconds to refresh reconnected device/driver. Whenever it is present in the device list, Cubase should also be able to take it back without a problem. But it doesn’t do that, because it’s written wrong. Every time I restart Cubase, i see it loads the Midi information at the beginning, and after that is completely deaf for any changes. This is all about how Cubase is written. And it should be improved years ago, when USB MIDI practically replaced traditional MIDI din.

It’s is not the only Cubase issue of course, there is a whole lot of applications written that ancient way. But also there is a lot forward thinking software developers, who are the music professionals as well, and they are much closer to the real demands and expectations of our times.

If You’re able to bring back a lost USB MIDI device in Cubase, without restarting, I’d really love to know HOW you did it step by step please, because that would be crucial for me and many other people I know…

BTW. Trust me, even 10000 posts doesn’t make anyone expert. My mate in social media department makes that amount within a month with all the updates for customers, and as he admits, he has no idea what is he writing about, that’s just job :wink:

Because they run a dedicated hardware service in the background that sits between the host and the device.

Yeah! NIHardwareService… so where there’s a will, there’s a way… It’s so handy, right now I’m working on a soundbank in Kontakt standalone and testing it by plugging and unplugging different pads and keyboards to my laptop, and once remembered, they are available right-away… it’s a shame that i can’t do it under Cubase along with all the features… So DEAR Cubase guys, maybe it’s a time to write your own SteinbergHardwareService? :wink:

BLA BLA BLABLA… lot of that about Cubase… LOL been around for decades used all over the globe… now comes a small hiccup behavior that only happens in Windows… Seen it happen and yes its annoying BUT you should know that if your USB KEYBOARD IS A PLUG AND PLAY, YOU WILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM… ON A WINDOWS PLATFORM…

HEY… FOR LIVE SITUATIONS, I make sure I use a KEYBOARD that has its own drivers or use an INTERFACE with MIDI… Simple as that or USE a MAC… tho I do not have Apple products…
Plug and Play USB on Windows is not recommended for live if you need to move or something on stage…
SO IF YOU HAVE THIS ISSUE, get a MAC or Use An interface or Keyboard with its own drivers on Windows 7…

APPLE CAN KISS MY PUMAS…!!! :sunglasses: You’ve read this remark here first so don’t be a copycat…

I never disconnect anything while Cubase runs. Prat’s the woblem? :laughing:

Hi there,

actually there is a ‘Reset’ button in Cubase. I can not guarantee that it works with every MIDI device, but it definitely resetes mine if I unplug it and then plug it back while Cubase is still running. You can find this button in the ‘Device Setup’ menu.

I hope this helps!

Device Setup.jpg

Hi there,

additionally I would like to explain, that Cubase 6 scans every available/installed Midi- port/ Driver while starting, regardless if a Midi- device is connected to it.
Luis has already explained the “Reset” function and both should allow the disconnection and reconnection while
Cubase 6 is running.
But unfortunately we know from some Midi- drivers, that do not support this feature.

So you can try to reset the Midi- Driver/Port while Cubase 6 is running, but sometimes you have still to restart Cubase 6.