How to re-freeze a track which was frozen before without re-rendering?

When un-freeze a track I get the following message:
So I click “Keep freeze files”

Now I want to freeze it again, but use the existing file (which , as you remember, were promised to be kept)
Unfortunately Cubase rerenders the whole track… so what is the point of “Keep freeze files”?!

Can anyone explain this? How do I utilize this feature?

Hey there,

I choose always the “keep files” option. That’s useful, for instance, if you’re saving multiple versions of a Cubase session, (like My song_production_01, My song_production_02 etc).
If you un-freeze the second version without keeping the files, when you go back and re-open the first session Cubase won’t find the linked frozen rendered track and will be forced to un-freeze those tracks.

Sometimes synths and other instruments have random process and they sound slightly different every time you render them. At least, keeping the files, you can some how recover them if needed.

Hope that’s somewhat helpful. :slight_smile:

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So you can’t re-freeze the tracks with the cached files? It’s only for previous versions of the project?

You’re correct, you can’t re-freeze the tracks with cached files.
Probably when unfreezing a track it’s most likely to make changes. At that point it wouldn’t make sense to relink a cached file, because render would be different.

I’d love the possibility to relink a cached file: often I find myself to make changes to the song structure, and I’m forced to unfreeze instruments for that reason, I’d just need the same rendered track I had before.

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