How To re-install Halion Sonic 2 ??

Without going into detail I find myself in this position.
I have installed Cubase 8. In the process I have lost all former versions, the last version being 7.5.
I have also lost Halion Sonic 2.

How do I download Halion Sonic 2 ?

The download link at Steinberg only seems to be an update from an existing Halion Sonic. I’m also getting ‘Halion Sonic se VST sounds missing’ messages. I thought SE would be included in 8s download.

In a nutshell …How do I re install Halion Sonic 2.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

ask Steinberg for the ISO oh HALion Sonic 2 (2x DVD)

Thanks … what is ‘ISO oh’ ?

it’s a image disk you need “Win CD Emu” :