How to reactivate 3rd party Plugins after crash?

Cubase 12 Artist froze during a project. I had to CTR ALT DEl …The only way I can now open it is with 3rd party plugins deactivated. This got me on the project, but how do I get my VSTs to reactivate again? I realized it is for all my projects, I can’t figure it out, need help Please

I would just restart Cubase as normal without going back into Safe Mode. If your 3rd party plugins are causing Cubase to crash again before it actually starts, then you can proceed to remove them from the plugin folder, one by one until you stop having the issue, thereby narrowing down which plugin is causing the problem.

Deleting preferences is always the best approach.

I just tried loading my Cubase this morning and now everything seems to be fine all of a sudden, that is weird because after I deactivated all 3rd party plugins so i could open the project, I lost connection to all VST instruments and 3rd party plugins…There were missing from the VST plugin manager, however, this morning I tried loading up the project that was having the issues and everything is back to normal all the VST instruments and plugins are showing up again in the VST manager…go figure, anyway I’m glad it sorted out

What do you mean ? Tx

Any crash can potentially lead to project corruption, so better to be safe than sorry.