How to reactivate Cubase after pc Format?

Hi all, newbie here. Got Cubase AI 9.5 together with my UR242 hardware, downloaded and installed it, activated it. Later I paid for and upgrade to Elements 9.5, downloaded, before installing it, had to format pc. Now I’m trying to start all over again, but the eLicenser doesn’t accept my newly received activation code for reinstalled AI 9.5. Any ideas ? Are there issues with reactivation of Cubase AI/Element? Grateful for any help.

Firstly when you say eLicenser do you mean USB eLicenser or just the eLicenser soft version?

Either way, had you used the activation code that came when you bought the upgrade or is that the newly received activation code you’re talking about?

The solution depends on the answer to these questions but essentially if your licenses are on a USB licenser there’s no need for reactivation but if not you will need a new code for the AI version and then you can either use the upgrade code or (if you’ve already used it) you’ll need a new one of those too.
I assume you’ve registered the software in a MySteinberg account?

Thanx a lot Nic for taking the time to help me out, I meant eLicenser soft version by that, and no my AI 9.5 wasn’t registered either on MySteinberg accout, but I managed to reinstall from the original downloaded pack and somehow “reactivate” it at last, registered it right away :slight_smile: Which brings me to my next question… I’ve also got the original downloaded Element 9.5 “upgrade” installation folder together with the activation code, how do I go about “upgrading” to element ? Can’t find any upgrade option under Cubase AI menu, So do I just start the installation file? coz’ that doesn’t seem to work, during the installation process, it shows all components as already installed ! The problem is Steinberg uses a mix of nomenclature for this group of softwares, Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5… So I’m almost sure the upgrade I’m trying to install is THE downloaded Cubase Elements.

AI 9.5 and Elements 9.5 are actually exactly the same executable file so there aren’t any new files to download.
The thing that makes the difference is the License. Once you have correctly upgraded your AI License to Elements the previously unavailable bits of the program will be available to tun it in from AI into Elements 9.5.

To do this you need your upgrade Activation code (which you say you have).

Now open up your eLicenser Control Centre software and check that it has your 9.5 AI License showing.
If it does then click on the Green downwards pointing arrow that says “Enter Activation Code” below it.
This will bring up a dialog box into which you should paste your Elements upgrade activation code.
Then click the “Continue” button and wait while the software does its thing (you need to be connected t the internet during this phase).
Once completed your AI License will have been turned into an Elements License and the next time you open the program it should open as Elements.