How to reactive my cubase 10 pro

Hi there
My cubase 10 pro was working perfict . I stoped using my pc long time . after when i start using my pc the cubase need update . After updating to 10.5.20 , It says it need activation code . I tried to get new activation but i couldent . any body can tel me step by step how to reactivate my cubase again?

Your license is for Version 10 but you updated to version 10.5.
10.5 is a paid update, latest version you can run with your license is version 10.0.60.

thanx for fast replay
But in my steinberg account it show me

Cubase Elements 10.5
(Activation status:Product activated on 12/06/2020)
What is that mean?

Ok now i understand

Elements and Pro are not the same.