How to reamp with UR824


I’m having trouble undertanding how to route the UR824 to reamp by sending sound through outputs 3 - 8 (I use 1 - 2 for monitors).

I’m using Cubase Pro 10 and have control room enabled, but before I go into the DAW I’ve looked at the mapping in the DSPmix controls and I’m able to change the stereo sets to either mix 1, mix 2, or it looks like DAW outs.

I’ve tried routing to say output 7, tried setting up either a cue send or mix in the audio connections in Cubase, but I can’t then see an easy way to route say a channel straight to that output, you only get group channels or main mix 1.

I’ve looked at YouTube and I see some people using External FX routing for reamping, but does that work when Control Room is enabled (or is it disabled like for the outputs tab)?

I’m sure I’m missing something simple here but it really should be as easy in audio connections as making an output, and then having that as an option in routing.

Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.

sure it does.

It is that easy.

I’m not finding this easy at all, this is just not working for me.

I’m trying to reamp a bass DI audio track (Bass 6176) through a Sansamp pedal and I’ve set up an external FX channel as per the attached below. I’m not getting any audio through the FX channel and I don’t know the cause. I do get just hiss/hum, and if I turn off the pedal it goes silent so it does seem like sound is going through the loop.

There are also 2 issues that look like a problem:

  1. The send and return channel choices are not shown in black text (like they are for inputs and control room) but instead grey text, but they are assigned to free input/outputs
  2. The delay compensation comes back as 0 when I test it

My send is on Mix 2 L (which I assume is output 3?) and the return I have tried both input 2 and 3, and I’ve even tired running through my DI incase its a line level issue.

Can you see anything wrong with this setup?

I don´t know the Steinberg Interface or DSPmix application, but could it be due to the line out 1/2 being muted?

Line out 1/2 runs my monitors and they are working fine. That why I’ve tried outputting on line out 3 and 5.

I’m pretty sure it’s more to do the the interface config rather that Cubase (Cubase is not having any issue with routing, but seems like it’s not seeing the output properly) that’s why I’m hoping someone here familiar with the hardware might be able to help.

The interface is strange in that you don’t just get line outs 1 - 8, you get 4 mix pairs, and then their are additional ‘DAW’ outs but I don’t know what they do.