How to receive notifications of all messages from selected users

I’d like to get notifications of all messages sent by particular forum users (not just one user, more than one). For example, all Steinberg representatives who post in the forum. Is it possible?

No one care to reply? a simple “not possible” would suffice… :grin:

I’d look in my Account and look for this option. But as far as I am concerned, I didn’t find this option.

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Thanks, I did that, but I couldn’t find anything…

I think its more a matter of no one knowing one way or the other. Which likely means no, but…?

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Got it, thanks anyway for the reply.

I think there needs to be a “follow user”, or “add friend” function for that to happen. Currently, you can only ignore users, but not follow them.

I see there’s a plug-in for that, but I suppose Steinberg would have to evaluate the whole situation and see if they want this in their forum or not.

It would be useful, I agree.

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Many thanks for your support.