How to record a rhythm guitar part on TGuitar in Dorico?

How to record a rhythm guitar part on TGuitar (or something other) in Dorico?
is interested in the possibility of correct recording and playback, e.g. within a score.
Please help in this question.

Hi !
Note that if your question involves automatic strumming following the tempo, it’s now possible but the tempo has to remain the same (yet). Hopefully Dorico will soon be able to transmit tempi changes.


I get it like this, but it’s not normal. When I change the top notes to slash, the plug-in stops playing at all

Could you please tell me how to correctly record a rhythm pattern with slash markings and have it play correctly? Or is it better to use a regular guitar from HALION?

If you want to use the strumming patterns in TGuitar, it’s sufficient to just hold down the chord that you want it to play (or use the new MIDI trigger regions added in Dorico 5 to trigger them).

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