How to record an audio using a stereo track

I recently recorded some audio, in cubase 5, using a stereo track and cannot remember how I did it. I thought all I had to do was go to VST connections and create the stereo busses and choose them on the audio track. Can someone help me to figure it out again? Thanks

Is there anyone who can assist me with this problem of recording audio tracks in stereo? I have done it before but only once and can’t remember how. I have attached a screenshot. Can someone please help me? Let also add that the tracks that were recorded in the screenshot are hammond organ tracks. And that’s what I am needing to do again.
Audio Stereo Tracks.png

Need more specifics here. Like what stereo source are you recording from? Such as, is it a 1/4" stereo jack from the hammond connected to … what?

Also system specs and hardware spec will assist us to assist you.

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