How to record audio from digital piano?!!

Hi All,

I’m trying to record the midi from my piano in cubase and then have cubase use the actual audio produced BY MY PIANO when I create the audio mixdown and save the wav file.

I have my piano connected to my PC through USB to transmit the midi and through a dual 1/4 " to 1/8" stereo cable to transmit the audio from my piano.
I’ve been able to setup a midi track where I route the output back to my piano so that my piano will produce the sound when I hit “play”. This allows me to edit a performance and then have the piano play that edited performance … BUT when I try to export/save a wav file there is just silence :frowning: Is it even possible to do what I’m trying to do?

I was hoping that what would happen when I try to export/save a song is the following:

(1) cubase would “traverse” the midi performance so to speak from start to end. As it encounters any midi I was expecting it would send the midi messages back to my piano.

(2) my piano would then produce the actual audio using its own internal sound engine and then route that audio signal back to cubase through the aforementioned cable, and that that audio would then get recorded in the actual sound file. No luck though.

Thanks for any help!!


If I recall, with external instruments, you must do a real time export. Did you try that?