How to record built-in sound from my MOX8 (Synthesizer)?

Currently my headset is connected to Xonar Essense STX soundcard. when I pull up a library from Kontakt, I can hear it if I set the driver to Xonar Essense STX. But when I pull up Mox8 VST via VST instrument, I’m not hearing anything even if Cubase is reacting to it (the volume bar moves when I press down the keys. I have all the necessary software installed, I’m guessing it’s a matter of some kind of setting. I tried with Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, but still no luck in hearing anything. Please help

use Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, and connect your headset to MOX8. You will use MOX8 as an audio device, and you will here both sources - VSTi and MOX8.

Is the yellow “speaker” icon (on the track you are trying to record on) clicked so it has turned yellow? That needs to be done in order to hear the live playing. That will let you use the soundcard if you prefer.

Ah… This works for me. Thanks a lot!. But I’m not getting any audio when I click on the file after audio mixdown. During the mixdown process, I can hear everything, but the file itself doesn’t seem to consist of any sound. At least the size of the file looks like it has something… Not sure what’s wrong.