How to record default MIDI settings on a VST Instrument

I’d like to be able to record original MIDI settings “after the fact”. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say I have a VST instrument in its default settings. I have cutoff connected to an external MIDI controller. When I am recording and adjust the cutoff, the new values from the MIDI controller are automatically recorded:

However, the default cutoff setting from before the change is not recorded. When I bring the cursor back before this position, the sound is no longer how I recorded it. And, since I often won’t remember what that setting was it’s gone forever.

The only solutions I’ve come up with are

  1. to hit record and jiggle all of the MIDI controllers a little bit, trying to bring them inline with the default setting on the computer, or
  2. open a new track and load the instrument to see what the default setting was.

Both of these solutions are just terribly tedious.

Is there another way to solve this issue?