How to record directly into a sampler plugin

I want to record my own audio into a sampler track using a plugin such as TX16WX or Cyclone. So far I’ve been unable to get any audio from my UR22 interface into it. How do I set up the plugin track’s in/out etc.? I have no trouble recording audio straight into a Cubase audio track.

I suspect this won’t work in Cubase if it is run as an instrument, maybe if it was an fx on an audio track. I am not 100% sure but I somehow think I remember this being discussed in the past. Someone told me that it works in Reaper, but not Live and Cubase

Why is Cubase so limited in its ability to perform the simpler functions? I posted a thread recently because I couldn’t make Cubase record my laptop’s own audio - even though Audacity, free, open source, makes it as easy as falling off a log. Likewise with recording directly into a sampler plugin (which I note isn’t even a function on Cubase’s own sampler track).

It seems to be expected that we record on a track (or in another application), export it to a file then import that file into a Cubase sampler plugin which can much more simply just allow us to record while the rest of the tracks are playing. That’s what I want to do. Why can’t I?

The sampler track records MIDI which you can use to control any audio that you drop in the Sample Control zone. Basically they went for the trade-off of a little more trouble on the front end to give you a little more power and options on the back-end.