How to record L & R input to own layers?

I would like to record Microphone & keyboard at the same time BUT both of these to own layers, using interface (Quad Capture) . There’s two inputs, I can record both to basic stereo track, but I need to edit them separately (to add different vst effects etc).
When I add track, there’s only options MONO, STEREO, LRCS, 5.0, 5.1, etc. nothing about just L or R…
I am sure there’s a way, but I ask it from you. Thanks!

You can record two mono tracks coming from two different inputs. Later you can pan hard L and hard R the tracks, respectively.

You can process each track independently and, if needed (I would do it for sure), route both tracks to a stereo group channel called for example KEYS. This group channel is finally routed to your master or to an ALL KEYS group channel, if you have more keys.

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ok… but I can only LATER pan hard and edit? I would need to add the vst effects while playing and recording; to record two layers at the same time, both having their own effects. If I effect these mono-layers, I can here both of the Lines effected, which makes the sound messy.
For example channel R (line 2) would need Delay & reverb, and Channel L (Line 1) just distrotions. If I record with both Mono-layers, I will get the delay&reverb also for the channel L…

EDIT: actually I cannot even hear LINE2 sound, even if it’s on and I can see the signal of it on Cubase. It only plays & records the LINE1 when I have the Mono tracks.

Have you gone into connections menu and created mono inputs? If you do this then you can record to separate tracks


I said “later” because I thought you wanted to apply the FXs in the mixing stage, but you can pan at the recording stage and hear L and R separately, each one with its own FXs.

I don’t know why you can’t hear Line2. You must asure yourself that one audio track has Line1 as input and the other one Line2 as input. If done this way, it should work.

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Ok, so Knopf, that was the problem. I didn’t change the Inputs L & R at Cubase! So simple thing, but I wasn’t even watching that area where I can do that. I tried to check from many other places - and now when I found out, it’s quite funny that the answer was SO NEAR!

THANKS A LOT!!! (I can relax a bit more now) ;D

All of we learn new things everyday. Take care that, when you are prepared enough, you can share your experiences with others.

Have a good recording and mixing.