How to record MIDI files from Yamaha PSR 3000 in Cubase 5?

Please can you help with advice?
I have tried to record MIDI files from Yamaha PSR 3000 in Cubase 5, connected via “USB to host”, but I haven’t able to done that.
I have installed on notebook actual Yamaha driver, Win7/ 64 and Cubase 5.
When I play on Yamaha, signal is visible in Cubase, but when i turn on MIDI files from Yamaha, signal of MIDI not visible in Cubase.
I assumed that I have wrong settings in Yamaha or Cubase, or connected via USB to host not allowed me to transfer MIDI to CUBASE. Maybe another cable can help - Midi IN/OUT-USB, or just Line OUT (phones or AUX or OUT) -> line IN in PC?
So, I would like to find out if should be possible with some special settings in Yamaha PSR3000 and Cubase, or another way of cable connecting:

  1. Transfer/record MIDI files from Yamaha PSR 3000 to Cubase (Not playing keyboard, just record completed simply MIDI files);
  2. If possible to using MIC/Line exit for record audio track in Cubase? I assumed and hope that once MIDI will visible in Cubase that also Microphone (which is connected via Yamaha PSR 3000) will be available for using and recording in Cubase?
    Thank you for any advice/Print screen for correct settings, cable for this issue…


I would expect, Yamaha PSR 3000 doesn’t send the data from the Player to the MIDI Out. This is the reason.

Even if do so, I would find this very “risky”. I would guess, you would have a timing issues, because your devices (Yamaha and Cubase) are not synced.

I don’t know Yamaha PSR 3000, but in general, the most safe way how to do this is to save the MIDI project in the hardware, and import it to Cubase.

Thank you for advice…
I have already recorded it from Yamaha in PC, but using “Audacity” program, and after just imported to Cubase…


OK, it seems, you didn’t record MIDI data, but the sound (Audacity cannot record a MIDI, as far as I know). So it is another story. :wink:

HI, yes, on the end only sounds:-) since I didn’t find way how to record midi…
I will try to import in cubase MIDI saved from my PC, but I am not really sure if “exported MIDI file from Cubase” will have a good quality…


It always depends, what sounds do you use. You can use your Yamaha PSR sounds. Or you can use internal HALion Sonic SE Virtual Instrument sounds. Or you can use huge and expensive Virtual Instruments libraries. Then it could sounds almost like a real instruments.

MIDI is only data - nothing to do with sound. By MIDI editing, you can affect the arrangement, which is btw much more important, than sound quality. If you have bad arrangement, it will not sound greate even with the best sounds.


OK - thank you very much for this…I will try…

Best Regards,

Assuming that you want to play the song back on the PSR3000

  1. record song on the PRS3000
  2. save as usual
  3. copy song to USB stick
  4. take USB stick to computer
  5. open cubase
  6. import the song (which is a MIDI file, of course!) into cubase
  7. edit song as required
  8. save as a cubase project
  9. export as a MIDI file
    10a) copy the MIDI file to the USB stick and take that to the keyboard and load it in to play it back OR
    10b) with the keyboard connected via USB, route the outputs from all tracks to the keyboard as the playback instrument

If you want to use virtual instruments for playback instead of the PSR3000, follow steps 1 to 8, assigning tracks to your VSTi’s as required.

I have quasi-similar problem - Yamaha PSR s710+Cubase 5LE… usb connection

when I import any midi to make edits - it plays piano only with 120bpm ->no cc, pc and tempo data from midi file are read (and all are presented in midi tracks when I open list editor)…
I tried to find solution in cubase “preferences”, “midi devices” (but my keyboard is not listed there) - all forums say - use virtual instruments - BUT I LIKE sounds from my keyboard, and I want cubase to send midi-data back to my keyboard only!!!

…once I took my keyboard 2my friend, he has old cubase vst32 - we plugged keyboard, (it was recognized OK) we imported midi file and all played perfectly without any problem…
I miss “logical editor” from that version, very useful one… I can`t find it in my 5LE version

but most important is - how to hear sounds from my PSR s710 ( as saved in midi tracks including pc-cc-tempo) when I want to play midi file from cubase 5LE
yes… I “see” my PSR as “Digital Piano”-unit exactly same way as it is listed by my friends old version vst32 - but my 5LE doesn`t send any pc-cc-tempo to it …

pls HELP!!

thks for help … I have no more idea where check, what change to get it right

… simply … I need to open(import) midi file into cubase, then do edits on “how it sounds at PSR710”, -then export to midi and play directly with right sounds, volumes, effects as I edited - but 2 do it - I need to hear “what I`m doing” during edits, =>cubase must send all to PSR710 as it is with all PC, CC, to check if I get right sound proportions and more DIRECTLY from PSR710 machine…