How to record midi notes from Kontakt instr. West Africa


I am trying to record the actual midi notes played by the patterns in Kontakts West Africa instrument. It seems it can be done in Reaper, but no one has succeeded in Cubase yet according to this link -

I have got close but its messy and not the pattern, it seems to be doubling the midi notes or something.

steps so far are thusly…

  1. I create the Kontakt instr. track with West Africa instrument.
  2. change options/engine/“send midi to outside world” to “script generated notes”
  3. I create a new midi track with input receiving the output midi of Kontakt instr.
  4. add a note to trigger the pattern in the instrument track.
  5. hit record on the midi track.

it records a bunch of midi notes but when I copy that to the instrument track and play it from those notes its a mess.
they seem to arrive doubled and possibly not following the pattern at all, it is hard to decipher it.

any one had any success doing this with this particular Kontakt instrument?

Always been the same with this instrument in Cubase turning off AQ and shorting notes to 1/64 helps but still not really usable.