How to record Midi Output to Audio

It is trivial i know, but how to this in Cubase 6.5?
A midi instrument audio output record on a audio channel … what are the routings for this ?

Route the output to a bus, choose the bus as audio track input. Use the search, or the manual…

You have to route the MIDI track to the MIDI output, which is connected to the hardware sound generator (synthesizer, or sampler…). Then route master output of this hardware instrument back to your sound card’s input. Create stereo audio track, and use this input for the track. Switch of the Monitor button (it has to be orange). You will here this track, and the hardware instrument. Then switch on Arm Record on this track, and press Record button. Your sound, choosed in the hardware sound generator, will be recorded.

Then you cn mix it, as any different audio track. And you can use Mixdown, of course.

You can use software sound generator too. Use the VST Instrument (Rack) [F11] for this.

If it’s a VST Instrument… do the thing that was posted first.
Create a Group Channel and route the VST audio output on it.
Then choose the Group Channel as the audio input on an audio track
and record it.

Ok i managed to get the right routings
I did it like this …thanks @ No1DaBeats

If it’s a VST Instrument… do the thing that was posted first.
Create a Group Channel and route the VST audio output on it.
Then choose the Group Channel as the audio input on an audio track
and record it.

I was looking for the actual setup in Cubase 6.5 to get this done :wink:

And for reference, output channels (instead of group channels) also work for the routing. No need to assign a physical output to the output channel (although you can if you want).



Physical means here a group channel ?
What is the other routing…the midi channel and a audio channel
The midi channel is here a instrument track and not a Vst Instrument channel ( for multitimbral Vsti )

What is the difference between these two tracktypes concerning the audio routing in this example of a midi channel and a audiotrack?
As you can see i must study this again more :wink:

I can’t choose a Group Channel on my audio input (but only on audio output!). So I can’t record midi to audio on the way you describe here. I’ve tried it fysically but then I can only record the left channel. What di I do wrong? Who can help me out? I use Elements 6 and have an external soundcard E-MU0202 USB.

I’m sorry to say, but this is a feature which is not included
in Elements.

No, you can´t, and someone even found out the reason for you already…

Could be several things…
-wrong cable…
-Right cable, but wrong Patchmix setup (given the 0202 uses patchmix…)
-Right Patchmix setup, but wrong Cubase bus setting…
-Everything setup wrong
You could give a description, or wait till someone who asks all the single points one after one comes along…

Why isn’t that in the information when one buy Elements? For me it’s very important. And what is the version I can use for midi to audio?

In what information? It’ s in the feature comparison - why not inform yourself, before complaining?

You can use any version just different procedure. Read the manual…

Just solo the instrument- or midi-track and bounce it.
There should be a little checkbox that says “import to audio track” or so
so you’ll have it in the project right after the export procedure is done.

you can render to audio by using a group channel and a new audio channel. Make sure the group and audio channel you create are matched in terms of mono and stereo…
So for example: existing audio or virtual instrument -> group channel mono -> new audio channel mono

Although its still time consuming, I set up groupchannels and new audio channels for all my existing audio and virtual instruments, then do a few runs to create stems… one run for 0DB one run for -3DB, saving the projects as I go for easy recall later…

Hope that helps

Hi there,
I would like to ask you about my problem with recording a MIDI to Nuendo 4.3. I want to record Midi from my Medeli DD505 electronic drums set to Nuendo via M-Audio M-Track. I have plugged Midi cable from drums to M-Audio Track. In Nuendo i can see that the midi meter is reacting when i play the drums, but i can’t find a solution how to record that midi signal from drums to midi track, because wheni press the record button, nothing is recorded. I tried to setup new midi device, then associate it with input, but it doesn’t worked. Then i tried to create a midi track and setup an midi input from M-Track, that doest worked too. Other inputs on M-Audio Track works with no problem. Any ideas to solve it?

This is the wrong forum for your request, furthermore this particular thread is over a year old.
Please create a new thread in the Nuendo forum

That’s in, and in one line. Unlike the gazillion videos I’ve just watched, I got it instantly. Thanks again.