How to record Midi synth including mods/knobs adjustments

Hi there,

So I’m a bit “fresh” when it comes to all things midi/synth related, and my experience includes getting lost in hours of joyful button pressing to make nice pleasing sounds.

Anyway, I’m using Massive with Cubase LE 6 and a pretty basic 32 Key MiDi Controller.

I’d like to record a MIDI track including all adjustments I’m making in real-time to the knobs/Mod and pitch wheels. Problem is, when I play back the recorded track it only includes the “basic” MIDI signals and doesn’t include all the funky knob/wheel adjustments I was making during the recording.

The knobs and wheels are linked to the Massive macro control via “Midi learn” and work fine in real time, but adjustments are just not included in the recorded track.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

midi will only capture data which includes tempo, notations as notes of the keyboard and duration and pitch. These days it is best used in conjunction with a VST instrument. if you want to put in pitch wheel feels, you will need to edit the data in cubase of that midi track. Otherwise, run your synth through a usb interface and record the synth track as an audio track to record all those pitch bends live. so IOW audio track recording for pitch bends and modulator, VST instrument /midi track for recreating those fx in midi editor.