How to record mpe data from Halion into Bitwig?

Hi all,

I demoed Halion 6 and I can’t figure out how to record mpe data, specifically polyphonic pressure (z axis) and timbre/cc74 (y axis). Although Halion VST3 responds to pitch bends per note when it receives pitch bend on different midi channels, the same doesn’t seem to be the case for timbre/cc74 or for aftertouch. When I draw pressure automation, it does not affect parameters that are being modulated by aftertouch, same with cc74 and pressure automation. I’ve seen the thread about the lua script for roli data, but I don’t see how that will help in Bitwig if it already can’t respond to those messages from automation.

I want to buy Halion 6 if I can figure out how to record MPE data from a seaboard or linnstrument into Bitwig. Any help is appreciated.