How to record multiple MIDI tracks in Cubase Elements 9.5?


I am completely new to Cubase and have connected my MX88 to Cubase. I believe I installed all the necessary items for it to work.

The main issue I have when recording MIDI is that the tracks take the MIDI data but will always switch to whatever sound I click on the keyboard, instead of saving the recorded sound within the MIDI track. As in, I can record MIDI data in a sound like “grand piano” but can play it back, switch to a bass sound on the keyboard mid-playback and it won’t stay as “grand piano”.

Thus, I’m having trouble “saving” the MIDI data with the sounds I used to record them initially.

How do you properly record multiple MIDI tracks in Cubase Elements 9.5?


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your questions completely.

To record to multiple MIDI tracks at the same time, just enable the Record on the multiple tracks and hit record. All MIDI data is recorded to all MIDI tracks then. In Cubase Pro you can use some filtering (Input Transformer) to filter only MIDI Channel 1 data to track 1, MIDI Channel 2 data track 2, etc., if needed. This is not possible in Cubase Elements.

Or do you mean to have a multiple tracks recorded already? And then you switch among them? Then the Program Change is received by Cubase?

My apologies for being unclear and thanks for the quick response. I am able to record multiple MIDI tracks in Cubase Elements at the same time (the MIDI data is recorded), but not in the voices I recorded them with from the keyboard.

For example, if I record three different tracks, one in a “piano” voice, one in a “guitar” voice, and one in a “violin” voice, once I click another voice on my keyboard it will not play the MIDI data back in the voices I recorded them in. Thus, this becomes more of an issue with keeping the voices I recorded the MIDI in. The title is unclear but I still don’t know how to properly record multiple MIDI tracks in Cubase Elements 9.5 (keeping the voices of the MIDI data).

Unless I have a misunderstanding of MIDI and I should be recording something else to keep the voices. To use my previous example, to retain the track audio, one in piano, guitar, and violin, each. To elaborate on this example, if I were to export this file into an mp3 it should retain whatever I recorded into a track with piano, guitar, and violin together.


I would say the misunderstanding is on the MIDI and the instrument side here.

You have a sound A, which is called Combi (or something like this). This sound consist of 3 voices:
Piano: MIDI Channel 1
Guitar: MIDI Channel 2
Violin: MIDI Channel 3

And you have a Combi sound B
Hammond: MIDI Channel 1
List. Guitar: MIDI Channel 2
El. Bass: MIDI Channel 3

If you record MIDI data with Combi sound A and then switch to Combi sound B, you hear the MIDI data you recorded, but the sounds of the Combi B. MIDI data is not a sound. MIDI data is a data which says which key did you press in which time.

So to keep the sound of Combi A, you have to record it as an Audio. Mute your MIDI tracks, and record a new MIDI data (on Channels 1-3) for the Combi B.