How to record output of external effect

I want to record the output of my external effect but I am at loss here - I have a FX bus with the external effect on insert. I can’t route this FX bus to any groups (all groups are greyed out) - I could send it only to other FX or some physical outs (I don’t have any spare ones available to route it through the interface. Any workaround?

Thanks a milion,

Set the output of the track you want to record on, to “none”.


Hi Fredo,

I tried this - I set the output of the FX bus to none, and created a new audio track and wanted to route the FX bus as an input of the new track. I can see FX as inputs but strangely enough, the list comprises only 16 instances of my first FX bus grayed out (I have 16 Fx busses, all of them have different names).