How to record performed Groove Audio patterns

At the moment I am recording some ideas and I am using the pattern pads to record as single midi notes.
How to break this out into individual notes?

I have just recorded something with a 4/4 pattern on a 3/4 track which sounds wonderfully “random” like a tricky track. The thing is when you hit the pad switch in between measures it always counts “within the grid” so you get a nice shifting of where the “1 beat” is. Sort of in a Fripp way.

Dragging the pattern button to the track wherever I hit the note will always start the pattern on the first beat, so it is not the same. What I would need is for GA to break out the pattern notes the way it plays it back (SHIFTED) into another MIDI track.

Is it possible to “re-record” the pad performance into a single note performance?