how to record side chain track or group channel track


I use Artist 9. Side chaining a audio track to a vst works fine, but how do I record the resulting audio? Same for group channel track. I tried Zynaptic morph which uses a group channel track for morphing 2 audio tracks. Every time I add an audio track to record the resulting sound, I only have the “Stereo in” option as the input. Dummy outputs and all kinds of other work-arounds don’t work. How can it be so difficult to just record another track? I don’t have to record in real time, another option would also be fine.


Recording from busses is AFAIK a Cubas Pro only feature, so that won’t work in Artist.
Realtime recording would be possible via a hardwired loop, or if your soundcard allows, internal loopback. Otherwise a simple “export audio mixdown” is the way to go.