How to record the output from FX channels

Pre C7 I used to be able to record the output from any effect channel by simply setting it’s output as the input to a fresh audio channel - suddenly I can’t do this…is there a different technique in C7?

You’d have to route it through a group or dummy output, like always.

I’ve nether done this but can’t you just to an audio export from the FX channel?

Of course you can. but it seems that was not the OP’ s question…

This was not the case up to Cubase 6.5.
Until then you could add an effect channel then simply set up the input to an audio channel as the output from that effect channel in one easy step.
Now I can’t even seem to send effect channels to groups, let alone other audio tracks.
This seems to be quite a significant change - or am I missing something?

It is now working the same way it has been in 6.5

Scratch my last response. Only way an FX track isn’t selectable as the input of an audio track is if the FX is stereo and the audio is mono, here.

Make sure “Connect sends automatically for each newly created channel” is un-checked in the preferences under VST.

Ah that’s it!
Many thanks, Outloaf

No problem-o… Ran into this issue a few months ago and I thought I was losing my mind. :slight_smile: