How to record with loop AND with PRE-ROLL? Possible even?!?!

I tried to use the loop recording maneuver so that I set the left and right locators appropriately and also set the pre-roll on.

I must be such a cowboy that I actually went and thought that this SELF-EXPLANATORY thing could work!! :smiley: NO WAY!!

It’s done so stupidly that it… just doesn’t work. I mean when looping and starting the new round of playback/recording, Cubase only returns to the left locator and starts recording right from there - without executing the pre-roll at all…! Why, why, WHY???

I tried recording guitars and I NEED TO hear the recordings before the point of start of recording, for, say 2 seconds. What the heck is this pre-roll then aimed for anyways?? Isn’t that OBVIOUS that Cubase 6 should pre-roll the playback even when loop mode is on?? Sorry, Steiny, can’t understand this behaviour at all… Could you be so kind to enlighten me and the rest of ppl wrestling with the same problem? Helping us all at one shot. I’m quite sure the solution is out there and I just don’t know how to use it. Once again.

Thanks for an excellent DAW in many other ways thou :wink:

Oh gosh! I remember that too in Logic - very useful.

I had to jump ship when they went Mac only. Really angry at the time but forced me to Cubase and I haven’t looked back.

well the obvious solution would be to record the looped section onto a new track and when happy cut it up onto the original track.

Not how you want it to work but it solves the problem.

Splits is a good answer. Plus. You need a blank track under the one where you want to o’dub then drag + Alt under the track and it creates a duplicate track including EQ / FX etc. Delete the copied part. Then as Split describes.

Alternately, set left locator where you want the preroll to start and just start recording where you want to start.

That’s what I do It can be a little disconcerting though, if you play along before you start recording, you hear your playing + the recorded playing … after a while somehow the brain adjusts, it believes!

Oh come on - let’s do the whole thing. I’ve got my chinagraph pencil, razor blade and white sticky tape at the ready :slight_smile:

Right on mindastray.

It seems you aren’t so absent minded at all :sunglasses: