How to reduce "accent" effect?

I am trying to reduce the increase in volume (velocity?) of a note with an accent.
Screenshot here from Write Mode with the note selected.

I tried:

  • change velocity of that note = nothing
  • change dynamics = nothing
  • Playback Options = change increase of accent from 0,50 (default?) to 0,25 and to 0 = nothing

I have pitch contour emphasis turned on, as well as the polyphonic thing.
What am I missing? How can I reduce the bang this gives?

Does the Expression map do anything for Accents?

Which sample library are you using?

Sorry, it’s NotePerformer 4.x

The NotePerformer expression map overrides a lot of those playback options, e.g.

You’ll need to edit the values there.

The “Increase dynamics for accents by:” value is overridden, but the Dorico’s default is the same (0,50).
I tried to change it to 0,25 or to 0, but honestly, there is not a noticeable change.
Reducing the velocity of that note to about 20 works, but what’s the point, then? I could just remove the accent, were it not in the composer’s text.

No idea why they are overriding all those values and to what advantage, most of all.

with NP, you could always add a secondary expression lane (CC110) and set it to zero for the duration of the accented notes. This does make a difference.

I must say that for me, native NP has only a slight push in the accent when the EM “increase dynamics of accents” is set to zero - it’s by no means excessive from my own testing, though it’s possible that with certain instruments, it’s more prominent

You are right, setting it to 0 reduces the effect.
I believe it was a strange combination of:

  • downbeat
  • down bow
  • high-pitched
  • accented note
  • MF dynamic when before there was P

Could you please point me towards where I can learn how to add a secondary expression lane CC110 as you suggested? I’m beyond novice level in anything digital audio (in the bad sense!).
Thank you

go to the Key Editor for the corresponding instrument, scroll down to “add automation” if you don’t already see it from the automation list of already allocated CC’s (which are quite numerous with NP). You’ll see that the the CC’s are divided into blocks of 10 so you’ll need 110-119 and from there select 110. Then draw a point at 0 for where the accents start and another at 64 (the midpoint where the value is neutral) when they stop as in the example below.