How to reduce metronome latency? I suppose that is what it is

Elements 10
The metronome is about 40-50ms behind the beat when I play in by hand. I confirmed this by quantizing and 8th note pattern and retarding the track with the little clock with arrows on it about 45ms. Is there any way to correct this beforehand rather than retarding the individual track timing later?
I’ve messed with the “generic ASIO” stuff but it didn’t really change anything.
Playing in legato its not as noticeable, but today trying to do fast sequencer stutter stuff like in Tangerine dream’s “No Man’s Land” it fell flat on its face trying to integrate my 45ms delayed ears and the arpeggiators which print right on the beat.

It shouldn’t take a 4 processors and 8gb of ram to render a metronome sound.
Its just bink bink bink bonk.

if you do use generic asio driver you can’t expect very good latency from what I heard. do you have an external soundcard? if so use the dedicated asio drivers of your card

Its just some basic clicks…
If my old 233mhz macintosh from 1999 could generate clicks properly on the beat it shouldn’t take an external soundcard to do the same.

The amount of data involved in sound processing is miniscule compared to other processes. My old ibm compatable running at 166 mhz could handle recording/playback of 10 stereo tracks without breaking a sweat.
I can’t believe we moved backwards that far.

There is no “we” for this problem in my experience. Many people I know and myself record with 1.5 to 3 ms latency, some even with 0 latency on the Apollo interfaces (large amounts of tracks with quality fx’s in realtime)

latency might not be a given straight out of the box in a modern computer world, but it is possible with very little investments compared to the 90s.

so maybe list your equipment list if you want help solving your problem or get some real information.

or are you just here to rant?

Yes, I need to know where to turn the latency down. Reason has a slider, you can reduce the latency until the sound quality begins to die. In cubase it looks like a fixed number. Im not running a sound card for my clicks per se, its just a clever arrangement where the sound goes out the Hdmi to the video monitor, and the video monitor output is plugged into the last channel of the mixing board.
I did not say at first, but I do my recording on a separate computer.
Elements only handles midi. That is all I need it to be.

What should “we” say… use a soundcard…
HDMI displays tend to delay sound sometimes… mostly 2 Frames… 40ms on 1080p50

Now that advice is more constructive.
In the days of CRT that was not a thing.
I don’t know if that’s my problem but its worth testing. Im going to run the clicks out the onboard card and see if there is any improvement.

don’t expect too much… onboard sound is still messy for music making…

It worked. The monitor was adding a delay. The sound card on the computer was perfectly timed at 0ms.
Like I said, I don’t use cubase for sound creation or recording, just midi. But I need that metronome!