How to reference all mod matrix destination depths in a layer when there are multiple zones

I have a layer that has a zone for each key with a different sample. I also have a mono LFO midi module that has the filter cutoff as it’s destination in every zone. I was able to setup a macro designer knob that controls the LFO depth on all the zones at once. So one knob controls the LFO depth on the filter cutoff for every zone at the same time.

Here’s the issue. I’m trying to emulate an instrument that only has positive depth but the depth in the mod matrix is both positive and negative. I have a parameter setup in my lua script midi module that will do 0 to 100 (instead of -100 to 100) and I have assigned that to the knob in the macro designer. The thing I’m struggling with is how do I set that up in lua to control all of the depths in each zone? Is there a way I can do this globally or do I have to do some sort of loop through each zone and do a setParameter?

Nevermind, was able to get it done by setting the unipolar setting vs the bipolar. :blush: