How to refresh mediabay after harddisk format

Hi guys,
I recently formatted my hard drive by accident and had to redownload all of my samples. The problem is the mediabay shows the samples that I erased, but when I play them they obviously are nonexistant.
Because the hard disk itself changed its name from E-drive to A-drive, I can’t press un-select on that hard drive either. How can I make the samples that I accidently formatted not show on my mediabay and replace them with the redownloaded ones?


Right-click tin the tree and choose: Rescan Disk.

I already scanned the disks and have the new files on my mediabay.
The problem is the deleted files’ titles also show on the right side, so I have two files with the same name. One file is the sample I redownloaded, and the other is the formatted one which doesn’t play but is still on the bay. Anyway to fix this?


Have you tried to delete the mediabay3.db file from the Cubase preferences folder, please?

If I delete this file, would that erase all the audio files in my previous sessions as well?

Try to uncheck-check needed folder
, MediaBay will rescan it

the problem is that the previous hard drive doesn’t show up on the folder list since it’s entirely erased and the name is changed… But the files erased during the formatting still appear on the right side mediabay


No, it doesn’t erase any audio file. It erase just the database file.