How to register Groove Agent 4 afterwards?

Hello, I installed Cubase 8 Pro a couple of months ago, and decided then, I didnt want the Groove Agent 4 to be installed with, but I now changed my mind, and wanted to give it a try, so I downloaded it, installed it, but it now asks for a registration, so how am I suppose to register this? I only have my elicenser with ther cubase 8 license on it, no download or registration code?

Hi mofi.
Groove Agent 4 is not part of Cubase Pro 8 you have to buy it, look on products page on Steinberg site.
This is why it’s asking for a registration key.
Groove Agent se and Acoustic Agent should be in media bay.
It’s quite hard to find if your not use to media bay.
Look up Acoustic Agent on the forum or youtube.
Beat agent can be loaded as a midi insert.

ahh. I´m an idiot, I looked at the cubase 8 product site and thought I had seen that it is included! Sorry my bad!!!