How to register Halion 3 so upgrade to 4 will work

So I have a copy of Halion 3 I installed which worked with the provided serial but the current version of Elicenser does not take the provided serial/activation code, so the the upgrade I just bought will not activate permanently.
So basically halion 3 works great and has for a while, but elicenser can’t detect it, so it is not possible to upgrade as it looks for Halion 3 which is not reconized.
Also I am unable to register my Halion 3 at my steinberg as the serial is 25 charcters vs the current 32.
This is so confusing as the upgrade says it is Halion 3 to 4.
Everything else I have installed with the E licenser has been very easy untill now. Shouldn’t the upgrade have documentation of how to upgrade from version 3 since it is an upgrade?
When I picked up the upgrade today the salesman said have fun. Well nothing could be more fun than this, so much fun here.

Problem solved, I am retarded. Support helped me out.