How To Reinstall Dorico Fresh With No Previous Settings, custom Techniques, etc

Dorico 4 user here.

Having begun to settled in a bit after a 2,000-plus mile move to Texas, USA, I am considering uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico in a virgin condition with no previous settings or customizations. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it right rather than end up with an only partial purge of my old customizations and settings. Also, before I do so I would want to preserve copies of previous customizations so far as practical.

Why am I considering this? I made some choices earlier in my use of Dorico to make a lot of custom PT’s and PBT’s. While some of those might yet be necessary, I might just start over completely and focus more on stock techniques and combinations of them as much as possible.

Would love input from the community and Dorico staff as to the best steps to accomplish this and which files would be important to preserve. I’d rather not start only to find out I missed something crucial.

To get your copy of Dorico back to a virgin state, all you need to do is trash the Dorico 4 folder in the %APPDATA%\Steinberg folder. You might also want to trash any folders in the same location from older versions of Dorico that were installed on your computer, as Dorico might try to migrate your settings from the previous version to the new version when you next run it after having trashed that folder.

Just keep those folders somewhere out of the way in case you want to recover any saved settings.

Thanks Daniel. That looks like an easier road map.

I assume that does NOT include the Dorico Audio Engine folders in that folder?

Tested and worked fine. Old folders saved elsewhere. That was much quicker.