How to reinstall Sonic for Mac

I had some problems with the 1.5 update and Logic will no longer validate Sonic.

I want to completely uninstall Sonic 1.5 and reinstall from scratch (1.0)

How can i do this?
I removed anything steinberg from /Library/Audio/Plugins/Component however this did not work since when i entered the install CD the installer recognized sonic and prompted to “Skip” installation of the plugin
Edit: I forgot to mention its on a mac

Did you use the control panel “add & remove programs” application first? If not, you did not clean everything from the registry, so your system still thinks Sonic is still installed. (can’t just delete the folders).

Sorry i forgot to say its on mac

I have the same problem, can anyone help me how do overcome this???


Mac OS X:
There can be a problem with the HalionSonic installation when the installation is aborted the first time and attempted again afterwards. Be patient when installing HalionSonic as it may take some time. This is because the plenty content has to be extracted.

You must remove the “HS” vstsound archive files from the following path before you attempt to install HALionSonic again:
MacHD:\Library\Application Support\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\

The respective HalionSonic files should be named:


I can be more patient now with old age but after 15 Min waiting for the installation to start … mmmmm

I join a pic where you can see that the menu on the installation page go fron 1- 2 to 7 and sometime I can see the oter stuff but just for a sec

Please don’t say there something with my DAW or the DVD reader it work with everything but the Sonic Disk

Halion Sonic Install.jpg

I just try the installation without using the Start Center going with the Halion Sonic.mpkg in the Halion for MAC Folder and I got a New Message …
Install Failed.jpg

Did you delete the vstsound files as I have described in my previous post bevore installing HALionSonic?
You should try to delete the respective vst sound files and then reinstall HALionSonic again.


Yes I did delete

MacHD:\Library\Application Support\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound
The respective HalionSonic files should be named:

I also tried without the Star Center , starting the install from inside the Mac Folder a couple of time and every time I did delete the files that you talk about in the previous post
I join a JPG that I tried to post in the previous post that show that the start center was not responding after a couple of HOURS waiting. I know that you are trying to help and I do thanks you for the help but I really think it’s just a BAD disk and I’m loosing interest in the product, after a lot of waisted time
Halion Sonic Install.jpg
Thanks again and have a nice day

Did you update your OS? Wich version of Mac OS X are you using?


MAC OSX 10.6.6

Would it be possible to test the installers on another system?