How to remote control "Mute" on a Folder track?

Hi all,

Maybe I’m missing the obvious - but how am I supposed to remote control the Mute of a folder track?

My trusty old Frontier Tranzport doesn’t “see” the Folder track, and I can’t find a way to assign any MIDI command to this function (or to a Folder track in general) by means of a Generic Remote device.

System: Win 7, NU 5.5.2

… I never needed this before, it seems, but right now I have a slightly special application in mind where this option would save me quite some time.

TIA for any info,


Not sure about the Frrontier, but you can “R” and “W” enable the tracks inside the Folder track and then record the keyboard “M” (mute) automation moves. Upon playback it will mute/unmute all the tracks inside the folder. But I’m guessing you already know this… and are only asking about the Frontier?


Andrew K

Thanks for your reply, Andrew.

It’s not so much about the Tranzport, and not about automation at all. Real-time control is all what I’m looking for.

NU’s folders give us the possibility to control a few aspects of a bunch of tracks at the same time without actually grouping / linking them. I’m working with two audio applications at the same time (Nuendo <> Vienna Ensemble Pro / MIR Pro). As soon as the focus is on the other application, I need to remote control Nuendo. Muting several audio tracks at the same time is very convenient for checking reverb tails, for example - but I can’t find a ways to remote-control the “Mute”-function of a folder.

Linking the channels in NU is of course the way to go now, but this is slightly less convenient.


Ok, I take the deafening silence as “Nuendo can’t do that”! :neutral_face: