How to remove a licence from the elicencer

Hi, I’m trying to remove the licence for the basic effects suite but the option is greyed out in the elicencer…any advice please… :slight_smile:

My Steinberg ?

And the Cubase 10 question is?

I don’t think you can just remove a license. It has to be put somewhere else, like onto another eLicenser. I have about ten licenses on mine and they are all greyed out for the “Remove” option (even the free stuff, like the awesome glockenspiel instrument from a few years ago). Maybe it is just for expired trials or something, not permanent licenses. Why do you want to remove it anyway?

Hi, I need to remove it because I have returned the UR44c, the basic effects suite that came with it had a licence. :slight_smile:

helpful as ever i see. :slight_smile:

Hi, I went there and deleted the UR44c that I’d returned but not sure if this removes the licence for the basic effects suite, I’m just concerned that whoever buys the UR44c that I returned might have problems with registering the basic effects suite… :slight_smile: