How to Remove a VSTi from the right panel?

I have imported some MIDI files into a new, blank Cubase 9.5 file.

I did that a couple times and ended up with some HALin5nSE VSTis on the right panel. I know I can substitute them for other VSTi selections when I need them.

But if I have too many of these on the right panel (in the VSTi panel) is there a way to get rid of them? I can’t see a remove or a delete option.

I learned how to do it myself tonight. The trick is to click on the name of the VSTi (like HalcSsE) and go to the top of the VST list and select No Instrument. Then it goes away (like a delete, or as if you had clicked a close button).

Not very intuitive is it?! I wonder if it has something to do with being a multi OS app?

Plugins can in general just be dragged out of their slots, faster than selecting the no plugin.


What about instruments (VSTi)? Or is that technic just for VST’s?

it works for any plugin. It’s the top item in the list.