How to remove all rests

I want to remove all rests from empty measures. I tried “Remove Rests”, but that doesn’t work.

Is there something else?

Layout Options, Players section.

Sorry, should have specified: all rests from some measures (in just one part, if that helps).

If you use Force Duration to make the rests explicit, you can then Remove Rests.

If the selection includes the final bar, I get the default rests back: but otherwise this works. Scale to 1% for the final bar’s rest.

Just to confirm, you want this (albeit with something less trivial on the other stave(s))?

As you’ve just said, you have to have something real on the stave. My example above has a rest on the first beat of the first bar that is scaled to 1% and coloured white.

Thanks. Got it now. Yes, that’s what I’m after. It’s for a game of reconstruct the missing part.

The other war-horse workaround is shift-X’ing text that has a single space in it so nothing displays but it’s still attached to the stave you want to appear forcing it to render. The benefit of this route is you get a flag to select it easily if you want to reverse course. (Although I suppose clicking in the center of the measure with the hidden rest is just as easy. Either way, there’s a second option.

EDIT: you’d still have to ‘remove rests’ from the measures though.

Romanos, I tried that. If there really are no notes on the instrument at all, you still get the standard bar rests.

Right you are. I’ve had “remove rests” remove rests that didn’t make any sense to remove so I assumed it would remove a bar rest too.

PSA: as usual listen to Leo and not me, LOL. :laughing: