How to remove all VariAudio data from a file?

Just done a silly thing: forgot to bounce the clip before I VA-ed it, now I’ve got humongous amounts of VA data all over the original file and can’t work out how to get rid.

In the end I’ve had to undo but this potentially involves redoing more work than I’d like. Got away with it this time but surely there’s a way of deleting all VA data?

Humour me; not totally sure about this… I’m thinking if you were to bounce or RIP the VA’d clip with a new name, the original (unaltered) should be still intact, in the pool…? You could then delete the new VA’d file and just reload/re-insert the original back into the project. You’d just be starting on it, all over again…

Obviously I’ve not thought that the whole way through, but might give you some clues to chase. :slight_smile:


Nice one, Bob!

This would have worked, I’m sure. And once you have the newly-named file (with the unintentional VA data) you can isolate any bits you’d worked on and bounce them out as clips first, before you delete it, so you shouldn’t need to start over.

I shall remember this for next time I’m not concentrating…

C :smiley:

Still reckon there should be a full reset option, though…


There is is a reset function in the VariAudio window (see pic attached). Is this what you are looking for? Not sure if it will work given your situation.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but when I use variaudio (which I do a lot!) Once I am happy with the track I then:

Bounce the track (or collective tracks if I am editing harmonies)
Go to the pool, right click on the audio file header, use the remove unused media option in the pool and move to trash.
Right click on the trash header, use the remove from pool option and job done.

By doing this regularly when I am editing audio I get rid of all the variaudio edits on all the audio files but keep the files that have all the needed improvements.

I hope this helps,

Jim B

Thanks but no, all this does is reset any changes, it doesn’t wipe the original VA data, which is what I want.

Thanks. This is indeed pretty much how I work and it’s always good to hear how someone else does it, but you were right first time, it’s not what I mean. I’m looking to go backwards, not forwards…

Thanks but no, all this does is reset any changes, it doesn’t wipe the original VA data, which is what I want.

Maybe a silly question, but what is the difference between resetting all VA changes vs. removing all VA data? Thanks!


That is a good question. You could be right, that there is no difference at all. Research required. Thanks for the silly question!