how to remove an unintended break of two bars


I have imported an xml file from Finale, and there is an unintended break between two bars as follows:

There was “Coda” produced by Finale and I removed it, but the break remains.
Is there a way to connect them?

Strangely, it is resolved by creating a new flow.

I’d be interested to see the original MusicXML file if you can zip it up and attach it here, so I can take a look. Certainly you should find that if you delete the coda item itself, the gap is closed up too.

I have sent the file via private message. Thanks.

Thanks for sending me the file. I saw two codas in the resulting project, each of which produced the expected gap (one at the start of a system, one in the middle of the system) and in both cases deleting the coda item did indeed close up the gap as I would expect. I’m not sure how to explain what you were seeing, unfortunately.

It is no problem. Thank you!