How to remove excess Midi outputs from the drop down list??

Built a new machine as an upgrade and can’t figure out how to remove the 40+ Midi in’s listed in the drop down list when I click the Midi out routing. I only want my VST instruments and my real instruments in the list. I do not need to see midi inputs for effect plugins and there is over 40 of them listed now. Is it possible to somehow remove these extra entries? Every new insert effect is adding another midi listing to the drop down and I never had that that before this new build/fresh install, though I am testing out the demo versions of new plugins I’ve never before used since I’m going all 64bit. I’m on Cubase 6, but that section is dead so I am asking here as I know whatever needs to be changed is most certainly still done the same way.


Anyone? Is it even possible to remove those from showing in the midi output list?

In the inspector, next to the VST instrument there is a button to Activate Outputs. Click this and it probably has All Outputs selected. Change it to the Main Stereo Output and that will be the only output in the list. I assume this works for Midi as well as for VST instruments.

That’s only for audio outs, doesn’t apply to midi. I think I see what’s going on though. It appears to be the old 32bit plugins I used to use for compressor, EQ, and reverb didn’t have midi in and the new 64bit one’s I’m testing and considering moving to have midi control abilities and therefore display a midi input in the drop down list. Guess I’ll just have to live with it. I typically wouldn’t have so many instances running anyhow as I use group channels for that but I was testing and saw that 40+ list in the midi out dropdown.


Damn. I thought this was the same problem I had and I could pass on some help! Good luck with it.

Your DAW is supposed to display what ever midi ports have been installed by the operating system.

I don’t think I’ve seen an option to remove them in a DAW.

They can be removed from the operating system, there was a program from m-audio maybe, that deleted all of them and you reinstall the ones you want.

Don’t know if it’s around anymore. There’s probably a way to delete them from the OS if you needed to look into it.