How to remove expired trial license?

I have installed and removed a trial version of Cubase 10.5. Ever since on starting Cubase 10.0.50 I get the message that PadShop 2 Presets is expired. It doesn’t do any harm, but is annoying. I have uninstalled Padshop2 but no joy.
I’ve looked around on this forum and found multiple questions and answers but none of them worked for me:

Does anyone have other suggestions?

You have to remove (uninstall) the Padshop 2 Presets (content library). Not sure exactly what it would be called as I haven’t used the trial but probably something like “Padshop 2 Pro Presets”.

The content is “Padshop 2” in the Padshop section of Steinberg Library Manager.

That did the trick. Thank you!