How to Remove Extra Key Signature`


I am observing a situation where what I intend and believe to be a single key signature change, intended for the new line, is represented twice, once at the end of the prior line and once at the start of the new line.

If I delete either, both go away.

Could someone suggest what is happening and how to fix it? Thanks!
Dangling Key Sig 02.jpg

That’s the norm, and you can’t switch it off.

What you can do it to add a coda on the new line, then hide the coda mark. Or start a new flow.

If that is a continuous piece of music with a change of key, then it’s conventional to show a cautionary key signature at the end of the first system, in which case what Dorico shows is correct. If that is intended to be two separate pieces of music, consider using separate flows instead.

Thanks kindly for the facts and suggestions!

FWIW, I think this sort of thing should always be up to the user, meaning I think it would be both harmless and helpful if the user could make their own decisions about what they want to see or not.

IOW, helpful “correct” defaults? Sure! But a straightjacket is not so desirable, IMO. People have differing goals and sensibilities.

Heheh… search on the forum for “+hide +cautionary.” You’ll find some long, helpful discussions.

TL;DR: it’s not changing at this point. Some of us hope that’s not the final word… :wink: :wink: