How to Remove instruments from VST rack in Cubase 7.5?


Just got Cubase 7.5 but how do you remove instruments from the VST rack?

Any help would be appreciated#



Click the name of the instrument, in the drop down box choose No VST Instrument…

Thats how it used to work in Cubase 7, but in Cubase 7.5 theres a new vst rack

Strange that, I’m on 7.5 and it works just fine for me.

Same works for me…

Same works for me, no change in Cubase 7.5 , i am on macbook OSX 10.9.1 , Cubase 7.5.

But how to completely remove an unused added rack?


I’m so sorry. I think I made a stupid and unforgivable typo. Instead of tipping rack I should have written Track. Big mistake.

My question should have been:

But how to completely remove an unused added Track?

The new Instrument (T)rack 2.0 (note how easy it is confuse them) does not seem to allow a track to be removed directly from (T)rack 2.0. Tracks Instruments as well as Rack Instruments can be added but can not be removed. At least I do not know how to do it though, obviously, you can remove tracks and racks from the Project Window.

Moreover, it seems that I was not the only one to have this doubt, though in my case I did not ask how to remove an instrument (no VST instrument), but the track itself from the (T)rack 2.0.

I guess none of what I’ve writen has any meaning, as it is obvious that English is not my mother language, so I reiterate my apologies and deeply appreciate your invaluable and intelligent response, characteristic of a true teacher.

No need to apologise. It should be my apology for appearing so abrupt.
Select the track you want to remove by clicking on the left side track header. Right click and in the the window will be the option to remove selected tracks.

In the rack you should be able to get up the VSTi instrument rack - left click on the instrument you want to remove and select No VST Instrument.

I Hope that is what you want.


Very good explanation. Now I have it clear. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: